Auto Recalls by year

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Vehicle recalls happen more often than your probably think and can happen to even the best brands. Have a look through the list and you will see the luxury brands next to the budget brands. Not all recalls are life threatening, however they still need to be addressed.

Auto recalls are listed from 1967 onwards and you can search by year of manufacture, make, model etc. The advanced auto recall search page is probably the easiest or you can just search by year, then choose the make and go from there.

In addition to the auto recall notices we have included some other information that you might find beneficial. Buying a used car can still involve a considerable amount of money and you don't want to buy a lemon. Just because it is used doesn't mean it shouldn't work as well as a new one. Protect yourself by getting the vehicle history and it might also be worthwhile to check the background of the seller if you are not buying from a dealer. It just gives you another level of protection. Some of the places that provide this type of information are included in the vehicle and people records page. Kind of like an online private investigator only a lot cheaper. They have access to the publicly available data and it save you having to sign up for many different services just to get a complete picture.

Of course cars are mechanical things and problems do happen from time to time. If you are looking to save yourself a few dollars and are handy with your hands then you can also access services that provide lists of common problems and solutions for many makes and models. This is the kind of data that many of the auto industy's professionals use on a daily basis. See the car repairs and diagnostics page.

Car ownership can take many forms and whilst you may easily be able to service the loan repayments through cash flow, saving up the full purchase price is not something easily achievable. Dealers always present financing options and you can guess why can't you? They make a lot of money on them. So, it's not necessarily the most independent advice when they make an offer. Do yourself a favour and after you get a quote from them, work out a cash price for the car and then go shopping for auto finance loans elsewhere as a comparison.

Auto insurance is mandated by law and you must be able to prove a certain level of coverage if requested. Legislation varies by state and usually involved at a minimum, insurance to protect other parties in your at fault accidents. Rates can and do vary wildly from insurance company to company so check out the auto insurance page for some recommendations. They also take into account your driving history so be prepared and get a copy of your driving history. Once again, there are online services to help you as listed on the driving records search page.

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